Who is Road Warriorette?

I am a twenty-something professional woman who travels for work.  A lot.  I do my best to give advice, observations, and insight to women who travel for work, or for fun, or who would like to travel more.  I also hope to provide a place for women to discuss life on the road, and hopefully help each other out.


6 Responses

  1. i travel as well, but mostly in the car. i am always forgetting to put the very thing i needed in my suitcase! i never wear pantyhose anymore so i’m good for that. you are an excellent writer, and very funny, and i will look forward to following your escapades. love, mom

  2. Your mom sounds great. You are lucky! I only travel for leisure, but it is still really stressful at times. Your advice is good for that type of travel too, and I agree with your mom that you are a good writer. Keep it up!

  3. I love your stories! Especially the segregation of travel lines at Security–and those who do not pay them heed. I find that very frustrating, too!

    I also loved the packing tips…pashmima!

    Safe travels–and you have a very nice mother.

    Your sisters–I’m still on the fence about.


  4. You are a warriorette! Your writing is excellent and funny.

    I apologize for being an occasional fumbler in the security line. I will take your sage advice and plan out my xray strategy more carefully next time. I just don’t get enough practice as I usually drive when I travel.

    My favorite entry is the over sharers in Las Vegas.

    You do, indeed, have a very nice mom.

  5. Great blog! Found you on Corporette. I travel a lot, too. What is your favorite thing to wear to the airport?

  6. Hi Warriorette,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on travel safety, all of which makes for simple, straightforward and most importantly – excellent advice!

    Raising awareness about this issue is also something that I’ve been trying to do at my blog (http://www.contactless.wordpress.com), although it’s been mainly in the area of how to keep one’s identity safe from unauthorised access by criminals. RFID enabled hotel door-entry access passes, could be targeted in the months to come, as elsewhere this technology has been ‘hacked’, ‘skimmed’ or ‘cloned’ by unscrupulous individuals.

    Also, there’s a lot of talk about RFID ski-pass and lift-pass cards in the news at the moment. Guess what? It’s the same ‘contactless’ technology again! A new generation of ski and lift passes are already being rolled out across US and European resorts, and you may not realise that contained within them is a small passive RFID microchip. This bit of clever kit enables swift access to the slopes, and other services off-piste. Great news! But not so great news if you don’t want marketers to track your every movement, and transaction, whilst on holiday.

    Furthermore, it’s well documented that hackers have been able to skim these ‘contactless’ passes using low-cost readers freely available on line. The consequences can be that your personal information and movements can be tracked and exploited for commercial, or criminal gain. Similar to your advice, if individuals feel vulnerable to ‘contactless’ crime of this type then they should take measures to protect their credit and debit cards, e-passports and general access swipe cards using readily available protective ‘anti-skim’ sleeves and holders. It’s common sense in the end.

    There are some relevant (PDF download) case studies at http://www.trackandshield.wordpress.com which I’m sure you’d be welcome to draw attention to, or even paste into your blog with permission from the authors.

    Hope this of relevance to you, and once again thanks for raising awareness about personal safety whilst travelling; it’s a really important issue.

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