Travel Safety Tips

When traveling alone anytime, including for business, it is so important to keep safety in mind! For those of you who travel often I hope you know most of these, but here is a quick rundown of the most important safety tips.

· Make sure the desk person does not say your room number out loud. If they do say your room number aloud, ask for a different room.
· Make sure you have a deadbolt in your room
· Use valet parking if it’s available. It may cost more but it’s much safer then wandering around a parking garage
· When you’re in your room keep your deadbolt locked at all times.
· Never put the “Please Clean My Room” sign on the door. It’s an open invitation to thieves! Call housekeeping instead.
· If you order room service make sure the person at your door is hotel staff.
· Don’t use the door sign provided for ordering breakfast. This is alerting anyone who walks by your room and looks at it that you are ordering for one.
· Make sure you have directions to your hotel. Also have their phone number and address handy. (I know this sounds obvious, but the last time I went to Salt Lake City I went to the wrong location of my hotel, and then couldn’t find the correct location and drove around lost for thirty minutes. I finally found the phone number on my iPhone and the very nice man stayed on the phone with me until I got there. I should know better than this!!)
· When you leave your hotel for the evening put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your door. This makes it look like someone is there.
· Don’t put your home address on your luggage tags. Put your business address.
· Choose national hotel chains with indoor room entrances.
· Don’t stay in a room on the first floor whenever possible.
· Make sure there is no door connecting to another room.

For a very detailed list of safety tips check out:


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