Where’s the help??

I travel a lot, and almost all of it is for work.  When I first started this position I searched the web for women business travelers.  Information, insight, packing ideas, anything—and I found zip.  The best thing I found reminded me that nylons could catch on fire if there is a plane wreck so it’s better to put them on once you get to your destination.  What???  How is that helpful??  I needed to know the best suitcase and travel bag, how to pack all the toiletries, what clothes to bring, tips for sleeping, etc. Where is this information?  Nowhere I could find.  So, now that I have been traveling for work almost every week for three years, I feel like I have something to add to the conversation.  Or, to start the conversation.  Or whatever. 

My goal with this blog is to provide advice, observations, and insight about being a woman business traveler.  I hope to help newbies or experienced travelers, and to provide a forum for traveling ladies to share ideas and relate. I know life on the road can sometimes feel so alone, and I think knowing that others are out there going through the same stuff will help. 

So let’s travel on! oh and don’t forget to wait to put your nylons on 😉


One Response

  1. I recently found this site: http://journeywoman.com/

    Designed for single women travlers, mainly pleasure, but has some tips you might like! Including a ‘magic square’ favorite travel item that souns like your pashima!

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