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Oh Pashmina, How I Love Thee
June 29, 2009

I think the pashmina may be the most useful, versatile item you can pack when traveling.  It has so many uses! Blanket on cold planes, scarf to jazz up an outfit, sarong for over a swimsuit….I could go on.  They are available in a range of prices, materials, and colors.  If you forget yours, you can probably buy one for $10 at your airport.  So convenient!  I found the one below at and I feel cozier just looking at it.  Probably has something to do with security blankets during childhood.pashmina


Where’s the help??
June 26, 2009

I travel a lot, and almost all of it is for work.  When I first started this position I searched the web for women business travelers.  Information, insight, packing ideas, anything—and I found zip.  The best thing I found reminded me that nylons could catch on fire if there is a plane wreck so it’s better to put them on once you get to your destination.  What???  How is that helpful??  I needed to know the best suitcase and travel bag, how to pack all the toiletries, what clothes to bring, tips for sleeping, etc. Where is this information?  Nowhere I could find.  So, now that I have been traveling for work almost every week for three years, I feel like I have something to add to the conversation.  Or, to start the conversation.  Or whatever. 

My goal with this blog is to provide advice, observations, and insight about being a woman business traveler.  I hope to help newbies or experienced travelers, and to provide a forum for traveling ladies to share ideas and relate. I know life on the road can sometimes feel so alone, and I think knowing that others are out there going through the same stuff will help. 

So let’s travel on! oh and don’t forget to wait to put your nylons on 😉